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Video is innocent

Contrary to Buggles’ 1979 allegation, video did not kill the radio star. I have been reviewing my home entertainment habits recently and, as well as putting to rest that old canard, our set up raises a few interesting points. Many … Continue reading

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Why do newspapers have different standards online?

If you felt strongly enough about some issue to send a letter to a national newspaper you would be obliged to supply your name, address and a daytime telephone contact number. This allows them to verify your identity and, unless … Continue reading

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Reading newspapers on the Kindle

Having recently acquired a basic (non-3G) Kindle and keen as mustard for newspapers to find a way to survive, I decided to road-test the national titles currently available in the UK. This is not intended as a review of the … Continue reading

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A proposal to newspaper publishers

Newspaper publishers’ marketing departments gather stacks of data on who reads their titles, how, when and where, but why do we read newspapers at all? It is easy for the digerati to sneer at us for our loyalty to this … Continue reading

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