The Guardian & The Observer Kindle edition

This publication is a poor relation to the printed editions, omitting the same content as all the other UK national titles, namely sports results, TV & radio listings, city prices, weather forecasts, cartoons, crosswords, Sudoku, chess problems, etc. The omission of any design, graphic or typographic flair rob all Kindle periodicals of their visual appeal and most of the pleasure of browsing. Having said that, The Guardian has at least made an effort to include a photo beneath most headlines, followed by a summary of the following story.

Like all other Kindle periodicals, this is available on a free 14-day trial from, so try it for yourself. If you do decide to subscribe, it will cost you only £9.99 a month, in line with its competitors. It is handy if the paper boy goes sick and is more easily read on the tube than the regular Berliner size print edition.

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