Top job titles with adjectives

I’ve seen a lot of recruitment adverts lately and discovered that employers are refining their requirements by the use of adjectives in job titles. Here are some that I jotted down:

  1. Agile Manager
  2. Strong XML Analyst
  3. Contentious Solicitor
  4. Content Manager
  5. All-Round Web Developer
  6. Social Manager
  7. Boring Engineer
  8. Flash Designer
  9. Lean Production Manager
  10. Civil Engineer
  11. Tender Analyst
  12. Middleweight Designer
  13. Vertical Marketing Manager
  14. Rich Media Campaign Manager
  15. Patient Information Manager
  16. Intellectual Property Consultant
  17. Criminal Barrister
  18. Small Change Manager
  19. Consumable Administrator
  20. Aerodynamic Production Manager
  21. Audible Content Manager

This is bad news for dull designers, fat production managers and dim property consultants. Impoverished campaign managers, vulgar engineers and information managers with a sense of urgency fare no better.

I left out two that I was uncertain about, one being an “AC/DC Electrical Technician” and I’m sure the other one should have read “Shift Manager”.

I will keep an eye on this trend, but let me know if you spot any other examples.

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