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The choice for your organisation: evolution or extinction?

Every organisation needs constant improvement and innovation. The alternative is the fate of the dinosaurs: extinction due to failure to adapt to a changing environment. If you don’t start start changing now, you might not be around in five years’ … Continue reading

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Native advertising

Native advertising is the name now given to what magazine and newspaper publishers used to call advertorial. This was advertising content masquerading as editorial, deliberately blurring the distinction between the two. Editors traditionally strove to be objective and independent of … Continue reading

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Organizational Analysis

I’ve written here before about the learning opportunities offered by MOOCS (Massively Open Online Courses) and I wanted to tell you about another excellent course from Stanford University, delivered via the Coursera platform. This one is titled Organizational Analysis, written … Continue reading

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Do you really want customer feedback?

Most businesses are wide awake to the benefits of customer feedback and the internet gives them great tools to make it quick and easy to gather. Unfortunately, it is not always appreciated. When I used to eat in a big … Continue reading

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A conundrum for newspapers

I started reading newspapers when our sixth-form economics teacher insisted we do so to keep abreast of current affairs and the habit stuck. My allegiance has changed more than once, but I would be lost without my daily fix. In … Continue reading

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Lean management for the unconverted

If you are not yet a convert and lack the time or inclination to devote a month and £4,000+ to qualify as a ‘black-belt’ in the art of lean management, read on. Lean leadership is about getting agreement on a … Continue reading

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Why newspapers should prescribe tablets

As an avid newspaper reader I take great interest in their prospects and am eager for them to find a way out of their current perilous situation. Publishers are desperately trying to stem the tide of readers deserting their printed … Continue reading

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